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I shouldnt have to explain my art, but here I am explaining my art. 

Layer 13.png

"A House In the Hills." 20 x 20 inch acrylic paint on cement and burlap canvas.

we all dream of having a house in the hills, Its the American Dream. Well when I hear a house in the hills. I instantly think of my home in Barstow Ca. My home that's on the bend that sits a top a small hill, with the perfect view of the Mojave. this home that I have painted, this house that's in the hills is a homage to my childhood home. I tend to think, before my family and me it sheltered and raised others. If this house could speak it would tell you stories that you wouldn't believe.

Such a sad disco.jpg

"Such A Sad Disco." mixed media on wood

I'm still new to this "art" game and I know I still have lots to learn. One thing I can tell you is to be in the arts, you have to be confident, but you must leave yourself vulnerable. 

"Such A Sad Disco" was painted over the past few years and strictly only worked on while going through tough times with a muse.

Initially this piece was supposed to work as my diary. Something I would never publish and to be left hanging in my studio for only few people to see. But after sticking to the one lesson I've learned. I will leave this piece how it is. 

My main goal while working on this painting for over two years was to showcase my love life as if it was disco. My partner in crime being a subject, she watches these people come and go through the door with a lit cigarette. She thinks to herself "here we go again." The candle represents the "burning love" we can have for someone, but it goes like this. Someday someone will come along and they will either do one of two things, blow the flame out or relight that burning love. The flowers in the vase is a reminder of what some of us call growing pains. the roots are trapped but with some tender, love, and care the plant while thrive and grow freely. and for me, ill be in this disco searching for some kind of serotonin high.

the wolf found its prey.jpg

"Only the Wolf Knows." Acrylic on 20 x 20 inch paper

"Only the Wolf Knows" is the prelude of the painting "The Wolf is Alone." (shown below) These two paintings were done with the intent to show that the actions and decisions you make in your everyday life will dictate what happens in the days to come. 


"The Wolf is Alone." Acrylic on 20 x 20 inch paper *Sold at Gallery62*


"I Would Trade the World." mixed media on 20 x 20 inch canvas

The funny thing about art is sometimes the title will come to you before the actual painting, such as this one. "I would trade the world." is based off of my last relationship and a video of a couple having a photo shoot on top of the World Trade Center, or as I like to say "on top of the world" Although the title is self explanatory this painting was done to showcase the love you can have for someone or something, and how one left turn can make it feel like your whole world is crumbling down. So in the end, it's just best to enjoy the time you do have together. Like the couple shown.  

flowerchild number one.jpg

"Day of Florescence " Oil Stick on 20 x 20 inch. 

The day I painted "Day of Florescence" was the day I realized I lost my smell due to Covid. It was early on in the pandemic so there was no vaccine and barely any research. My family was already in quarantine due to a positive test. All I wanted at this time was to smell the flowers in my garden and forget about what was going on in the world around me. I was scared, frustrated and the strokes on this painting shows it.

Without this painting there would be no Flower Child, there wouldn't be a "Jodi"

This is a girl I once knew.


"As Planned"  16 x 20 inch. Published in The Little Gallery of San Bernardino's Mosaic Collection.

And this is what she did best.

F In Chat.jpg

"F In Chat"  24 x36 inch. Published in The Little Gallery of San Bernardino's Mosaic Collection.

These pieces were first show in the SBAA 2020 Art Exhibition 

Jodi Icon_Healing_Mixed Media_ 20x20inch

"Healing"  20 x 20 Shown in The San Bernardino's Art Association's 2020 Exhibition

Jodi Icon_Activism_Mixed Media_20x20inch

"Activism"  20 x 20" Shown in The San Bernardino Art Association's 2020 Exhibition

This is a series of being unfortunate. 

Skulll .png
skully Two.jpg
skully three.jpg
skully four.jpg

you will be okay.

Growing up one of Jodi's first contact with his creative side was through photography. 

"photography was a way for me to express the way i felt by sharing the beautiful moments in my life." 

-Jodi Icon
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