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Abraham Basulto was born in February of 1999 in a small desert town in Southern California called Barstow. Growing up thar ain't really nothin’ to do in Barstow besides draw in the dirt, which he enjoyed doing very much. But Abraham aspires to be bigger and better than that. As a youngin’ he would pursue many interests, But He always knew his passion lied somewhere in the arts.

Now-days Abraham goes by Jodi and he spends the majority of his time expressing his feelings though his craft. Gathering inspiration from his emotions and anything that peaks his interests,  Jodi captures this and puts it into his art to ease his mind and the minds of others. Jodi's creative mediums vary and shift as much as his feelings. He is passionate about painting and design, but also has experience as a professionally taught photographer.

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AS of Now

Jodi is known in the arts as a contemporary expressionist and since his start in 2019 Abraham has sold and shown his work in the Joshua Tree Art Gallery, Gallery 62, and Gallery SOHO. Abraham Has also been published in the 2020 San Bernardino county art mosaic and has also been interviewed for the Curious art magazine. He Currently has his own exhibit in Gallery SOHO in Montclair and is an active member of the Pomona valley art association. 


"Self Portrait" -Oil Stick on Tissue Paper 2019

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